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Shelter to Home started as an informal grass roots effort back in 2005. Local citizens were astonished by the high euthanasia rates at their local animal shelter. Stray animals were not held long enough for their owners to be found; they were simply euthanized when no one came for them. That was until a small group of local women decided to make a difference by turning their local dog pound into an animal shelter.

What started out as a small effort, with only a handful of local citizens making a difference, doubled and then tripled. Animals that found their way to the dog pound were finding new homes or were placed with service or rescue organizations. What a difference a group of caring people can make in just one, small community!

As it set higher goals, the group grew into what became Shelter to Home and was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2007. The organization now has over 80 volunteers that provide assistance to many local municipal animal shelters and pounds.

The foster-based rescue program saves an average of 400 cats and kittens every year. Although it doesn't turn away dogs and is working to expand its foster dog program, the main focus of the organization remains cats.

Once in the Shelter to Home foster program, the animals are cared for until they are adopted. Animals are never euthanized due to time limitations or space constraints. Volunteers provide loving and dependable care for these animals by spaying and neutering each prior to adoption, and putting time and effort into finding each the perfect forever home.

Finding homes for over 400 cats and kittens each year is no easy task. The animals in Shelter to Home’s care are featured on and taken to adoption events. Shelter to Home has an excellent reputation in the local community for the services it provides.


Maddie's Fund Grant Winner

In 2007, Shelter to Home was a proud recipient of a $5,000 grant.  The money came from Maddie’s Fund, a foundation established in 1999, which supports efforts to end the killing of dogs and cats in shelters.  And that is exactly what Shelter to Home tries to do.

The competition for the grant involved demonstrating a successful marketing campaign to get ‘hard-to-place’ animals into permanent homes.  Shelter to Home volunteers created the Griffin & Tigger video.  Every year Shelter to Home finds adopters for hundreds of shelter animals, many of which would qualify as harder to adopt.  The organizations belief is that no animal should be left to die in a shelter simply because it looks ‘average’, requires extended vet care, or is labeled special needs.

Beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye.  ~Grey Livingston

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SPCA Shelter of the Week Recipient

The Shelter of the Week program through the SPCA honors animal organizations throughout  the world for outstanding work to save and protect all kinds of animals. Each shelter chosen receives a cash grant and official recognition.  Shelter to Home was nominated by an adopter  and supporter and in 2009 received a cash grant in which it was able to Buy supplies to aid sick kittens.

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Michigan Dog Rescue Advocates - September 2012

Shelter to Home is now an approved member of Michigan Dog Rescue Advocates, a new organization that certifies rescue groups doing dog adoptions. This organization puts high standards on their approval process from fostering, to spay/neuter policies, to adoption requirements. We will proudly be listed on their website shortly at

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