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From the Foster Home of Jennifer Watkins



I'm not sure I even have words for this one. My little stinker went home on 11/28. Ellie gave me more than one scare - first when I thought for sure we were going to lose her when she had pneumonia and weighed only 11 ounces... and then just last week when she hid for over an hour underneath the bathroom sink at the PAC, evading all attempts to locate her. She will be living with a great couple.and their friendly Pomeranian. The update I got a little while ago said that Ellie wasn't quite sure what to make of the big fluffy 'cat,' but she was settling in nicely. I'll miss that little stinker, but I'm reminded that her journey really highlights the beauty of what STH does. *sniff sniff*






My cute little cow kitty Marilyn went home last night. She wasn't with me long because the night I pulled her from WAC, she had just finished charming her way into her new daddy's heart. He was very patient as we waited for her mysterious tongue injury to heal and for her to get over her URI. She was so ready to go home last night that she curled up on his arm as he filled out the paperwork. She is his first kitty of his own, and it seems she will be very loved and spoiled. She is such a great kitten, and I'm happy to have played a small part in her journey home.





From the Foster Home of Rhonda Beatty




Kiara found her furever home on 11/26. A thoughtful daughter saw Kiara and thought she would be a great match for her parents who were thinking about getting a new cat.  She called her parents, and told them they HAD to meet Kiara, but they were out of town. So the daughter filled out the app for them, and a few days later, when they were home they were able to meet her.  Luckily, our volunteer Vicki was cleaning at that time or they would have had to wait a whole day.  The couple was so excited! Thanks Vicki for being in the right place at the right time!!






From the Foster Home of Shelley Bawoladopt4

She rules her world! She is independent, curious and a fighter. Somehow she came to the shelter on her own…and with that magical half & half face, one knew the world was hers.
She might have been one of my fastest flips except for that darn calici virus. I still would say it was quick, as I only listed her for a few days until I received an inquiry from Battle Creek. Her new family just knew she would be worth the drive. She now has a feline sister and a family to own.

Live a long life loved stinker

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