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Volunteering at STH

Our entire effort would not be successful without the dedication of our volunteers. We are forever grateful to those individuals who donate their time, talent and money to save dogs and cats who otherwise may not be given a second chance.

If you are interested in volunteering, please take a moment to fill out this short application.


*Please note that STH cannot accommodate those seeking to fulfill court-ordered community service.

Foster Homes
Foster homes are critical to our ultimate goal of saving animals lives. Local shelters and pounds simply don not have the room to take all the animals they encounter. In parallel, we often, don not have enough foster homes.

  • Foster parents screen potential adopters and decide which adopter is best suited for their foster animal based on adoption guidelines. We know that no one knows the animals needs better than the person who cares for it daily. Most of our foster homes complete the adoption process from beginning to end independently.
  • We encourage (but do not require) our foster homes to go to the pounds and pick out their next foster pet.  Although this is sometimes time prohibitive and/or emotionally overwhelming, we know that only the foster home will know which foster pet will fit best into their home.
  • We do not require our foster homes to give up a day every weekend for adoption events.  If the foster home is unable to attend, we usually have someone that can take the animal to the event instead.
  • We pay for 100% of the vet bills and will never ask you to put out money to care for the foster pet's medical needs.  We also provide donated items such as food and litter when they are available.
  • We are professional and always available for advice and support of our foster families.

Pet Adoption Center (PAC) Volunteer

The Pet Adoption Center is open to the public every Saturday, but we are seeking volunteers to fill roles 7 days a week caring for the cats in this facility. Volunteers are needed for general housekeeping, data entry and animal caregiver.

Petsmart Habitat Cleaner
If you are looking for 'hands-on' time with the cats, volunteering as a Petsmart Habitat Cleaner may be the perfect place for you! We currently have animals at Petsmart in Canton, MI on Ford Rd. (next to IKEA) and soon at Petsmart in Woodhaven. A habitat cleaner's responsibilities include:

  • Providing fresh food and water to cats residing in habitat.
  • Scooping litter and cleaning cages for cats in habitat.
  • Socializing and evaluating the health of the cats in the habitat.

Student Involvement - Age 12 and Up
STH is pleased to be able to offer many opportunities for students to obtain community service hours. We are happy to provide students with a letter for their school if needed.

Some ways to help include but not limited to: 

  • Assist at an adoption event by talking to the public about STH and helping with set up or take down of tables and cages.
  • Hold a garage sale, pop can drive, change collection drive, or some other type of fundraiser to benefit STH.
  • Hold a donation drive for items on our wish list. (Food, litter, cleaning supplies for the PAC).
  • Become a foster parent. (This must be a family supported decision.)
  • We would love to hear from students and schools about volunteer ideas!

STH allows for volunteers of age 12 and up however, they must be under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian while volunteering. Volunteers that are 16-18 years old can volunteer without a parent/guardian, but will need a parent to sign a hold harmless waiver before volunteering. All volunteers must go through orientation.

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